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As a photographer, being invited into a family’s home to capture their most precious moments is always an honor. I had the pleasure of photographing a lifestyle newborn session for the sweetest family. Baby Jude had just arrived, and his mom and dad couldn’t wait to capture the first special moments as a family. The session took place in their nursery with natural lighting and organic poses. Allow me to take you on the photographic journey of Baby Jude’s lifestyle newborn session.

Before we started the session, I had a chat with the parents about their wishes for the session and what they were hoping to achieve. It’s important to take the time to get to know your clients and make them feel comfortable during the session. We started the session in the nursery where there are plenty of natural lighting and organic wood elements. It was the perfect spot to take some candid photos of baby Jude with his parents.


“I’ve worked with Danielle for our family + lifestyle photographs on multiple occasions over the years, and each time has been a delight! She has an expert eye for capturing the most candid + heartwarming moments, and the end results are always stunning. I appreciate that she takes the time to understand my vision for each session and works tirelessly to make it a reality, going above and beyond to ensure things run smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. Her direction puts us at ease and she always manages to capture the most genuine smiles and expressions – even from little ones! Danielle is truly the best in the business! ❤️” – Jude’s Mama Rylee


One of the most important aspects of lifestyle newborn photography is capturing those natural, fleeting moments. We focused on working with comfortable lighting and posed the family in different arrangements while capturing different emotions and reactions. These organic and candid moments are what make for such special memories.

When photographing newborn sessions, it’s important to remember that babies are the bosses. They determine how long a session will take, and we must be patient with them. Little Jude took a break halfway through the session, and we waited until he was ready to take more photos. In the meantime, I used this opportunity to capture some images of the empty nursery. It’s crucial to wait until the baby is ready to continue the session; this also meant that the parents also had a chance to take it easy.

We continued the session with more poses and different setups, always focusing on the magical moments that were happening naturally. I made sure to take photos of Jude’s little hands and toes and all of his adorable facial expressions, which were sure to melt anyone’s heart. By the end of the session, I felt like I had captured quite a lot of fantastic moments that the family could treasure forever.

Capturing newborn moments is such a special part of my job, and being welcomed into a family’s home to document the new arrival is an absolute honor. Baby Jude’s lifestyle newborn session was beautiful, natural, and captivating, filled with organic moments of joy and sweet connections that everybody was sure to cherish. I enjoyed watching mom and dad’s love for their sweet little one, and I know that these precious memories will be treasured for years to come. If you’re expecting, I’d be honored to be a part of that journey by capturing these magical moments of your new family together.

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